727,468 Electric Vehicles on American Roads

...and counting

2017 – 2018 Calendar of EVents

December 16, 2017 Las Vegas Electric Vehicle Association monthly general meeting from 10 AM to noon at Switch InNEVation Center…

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DC Solar Installs 19 Portable ChargePoint Stations in Las Vegas Valley

DC Solar has installed 19 portable trailers around the Las Vegas valley that are equipped with ChargePoint AC Level 2…

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Tesla Unveils New EVs While Fixing Gigafactory Automation Glitches

During November 2017, Tesla Inc. announced development of two new electric vehicles, the 2019 Tesla Semi and the 2020 Tesla…

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National Clean Energy Summit 9.0 Highlights

National Clean Energy Summit 9.0 was hosted by Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval and former U.S. Senator Harry Reid at the…

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Seven States REV up Electric Car Charging Infrastructure

During an October 2017 meeting of the National Governors Association, seven western states banded together to cooperate on the buildout…

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