1,015,980 Electric Vehicles on American Roads

...and counting

Tesla Semi Road Tests between Nevada and California

Tesla Semi electric tractor-trailers have been actively accumulating miles on road tests along California and Nevada highways, including runs between…

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2018 Calendar of EVents

November 10, 2018 Las Vegas Electric Vehicle Association will host its general monthly meeting at Findlay Chevrolet dealership from 10…

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One Million Electric Cars Sold Since 2010!

The Electric Drive Transportation Association has been tracking U.S. Sales of plug-in electric cars since 2010, when the first Nissan…

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NV Energy Hosts Electric Car Ride ‘n Drive Events During October 2018

NV Energy hosted electric car Ride ‘n Drive events in both Reno and Las Vegas during October 2018. Attendees were…

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US Plug-In Electric Car Sales Accelerate During 2018 and Approach 1 Million on US Roads

(Graphic image courtesy of Electric Drive Transportation Association) Sales of plug-in electric vehicles in the US began accelerating during the…

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National Drive Electric Week Events in Las Vegas and Reno

National Drive Electric Week is an annual celebration of electric cars, organized by the Electric Auto Association, Sierra Club and…

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