779,983 Electric Vehicles on American Roads

...and counting

2018 Calendar of EVents

April 14, 2018 Las Vegas Electric Vehicle Association monthly general meeting from 10 AM to noon at Switch InNEVation Center…

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Hawthorne DC Fast Charge Station Installed Along Nevada Electric Highway

The Nevada Electric Highway program, administered by the Governor’s Office of Energy, added a DC Fast Charge site in Hawthorne…

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Starman Rides Tesla Roadster Electric Car to Mars

SpaceX made aerospace history on February 6, 2018 by launching its first Falcon Heavy rocket into outer space while retrieving…

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Automotive Highlights from CES 2018 in Las Vegas

CES 2018 brought more than 175,000 international attendees and 4,000 exhibitors to Las Vegas during January for this annual consumer…

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DC Solar Installs 19 Portable ChargePoint Stations in Las Vegas Valley

DC Solar has installed 19 portable trailers around the Las Vegas valley that are equipped with ChargePoint AC Level 2…

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