848,973 Electric Vehicles on American Roads

...and counting

2018 Calendar of EVents

July 14, 2018 Las Vegas Electric Vehicle Association monthly general meeting from 10 AM to noon at Switch InNEVation Center…

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Tesla Las Vegas Service Center Expands but Corporation Lays Off 3,600 Employees during June 2018.

The Tesla Service Center in Las Vegas has moved from its original Badura Road location to a new, expanded facility…

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Volkswagen Electrify America EVSE Program Update

A website for the Volkswagen Electrify America program has been updated with a map showing the locations of a proposed…

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Earth Day 2018 Events in Nevada

Earth Day on April 22nd each year is an annual celebration of the global environment, that also calls attention to…

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Boulder City Adds Solar-Powered Charging Station at City Hall

Boulder City in southern Nevada began as a company town that housed the builders of Boulder Dam, later renamed Hoover…

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