808,892 Electric Vehicles on American Roads

...and counting

2018 Calendar of EVents

May 3, 2018 Desert Research Institute Open House in Las Vegas from 4 PM to 8 PM: “May Science Be…

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Earth Day 2018 Events in Nevada

Earth Day on April 22nd each year is an annual celebration of the global environment, that also calls attention to…

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Boulder City Adds Solar-Powered Charging Station at City Hall

Boulder City in southern Nevada began as a company town that housed the builders of Boulder Dam, later renamed Hoover…

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Hawthorne DC Fast Charge Station Installed Along Nevada Electric Highway

The Nevada Electric Highway program, administered by the Governor’s Office of Energy, added a DC Fast Charge site in Hawthorne…

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Starman Rides Tesla Roadster Electric Car to Mars

SpaceX made aerospace history on February 6, 2018 by launching its first Falcon Heavy rocket into outer space while retrieving…

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