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: Boulder City Adds Solar-Powered Charging Station at City Hall

Boulder City Adds Solar-Powered Charging Station at City Hall

25 Apr

Boulder City in southern Nevada began as a company town that housed the builders of Boulder Dam, later renamed Hoover Dam.

The city grew and became a popular tourist destination for visitors who stopped to tour this marvel of 1930’s engineering and construction that is still impressive today.

Hoover Dam has the capacity to generate 2000 Megawatts of electric power everyday from huge electric generators spun by the falling waters of the Colorado River. That electricity is distributed to nearby Boulder City, as well as to the Southern Nevada Water Authority, whose electric pumps maintain the flow of clean water throughout the Las Vegas valley.

Boulder City installed four Aerovironment SAE J1772 AC Level 2 EVSE within City Hall parking structure.

During 2017, Boulder City installed a solar-powered charging station with four SAE J1772 AC Level 2 stations available to the public during the day, as well as multiple 110 VAC outlets mounted to the support posts of the photovoltaic solar structure.

The charging stations and solar-covered structure are located in the parking area near City Hall, on the corner of Arizona Street and California Street.

A Sunny Boy Inverter changes DC voltage from photovoltaic solar panels to AC for use by Level 2 charging system.

The stations also provide electric power and shade to the city’s fleet of Nissan LEAF electric cars, that are used daily by city employees.

Boulder City fleet vehicle is a Nissan LEAF.

NEVA blog posted by Stan Hanel, Educational Outreach Coordinator

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