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: National Drive Electric Week 2020 in Las Vegas

National Drive Electric Week 2020 in Las Vegas

24 Apr

National Drive Electric Week 2020 was celebrated in Las Vegas with both an in-person electric vehicle rally on October 3rd, 2020 and a series of virtual video interviews from EV Drivers that were posted to the NV Energy Facebook page from September 30th through October 2nd:




The interviews were conducted by Marie Steele, Director of Electrification Programs at NV Energy.

The in-person electric vehicle rally was staged in the parking lot of the Springs Preserve museum under a photovoltaic solar power canopy that tracked the sun and provided electricity to nearby ChargePoint EVSE charging stations:


Because of COVID-19 restrictions, all attendees wore facial masks and were screened by questionnaire about their health the morning of the event. Social distancing was also practiced in the parking lot area regarding location of vehicles and exhibit tables.

About 20 EV Owners brought their electric vehicles that ranged from multiple Tesla Models 3, S, and Y to a Hyundai Kona, two Chevrolet Spark EVs, two Chevrolet Bolts, a BMW i3, Nissan LEAF, and three Zero motorcycles.

Exhibitors included NV Energy, Las Vegas Electric Vehicle Association, Las Vegas Tesla Owners Group, Citizens Climate Lobby and Major Power Sports, an electric motorcycle distributor.

About 45 people attended the in-person electric vehicle rally event that was staged in alignment with COVID-19 guidelines from the CDC and Nevada state governor’s office, while an estimated 150 people or more viewed the virtual video interviews through the NV Energy website.

Local dignitaries included Congresswoman Dina Titus’ Office and Jennifer Taylor, Deputy Director from the Nevada Governor’s Office of Energy.


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