Electric Vehicle and EVSE Fleet Information

Fleet Managers considering the adoption of plug-in electric vehicles have many of the same considerations as individual consumers, but also more opportunities to take advantage of scale when calculating the purchase of fleet vehicles and related electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE).

There are also special management software packages from different vendors that include fleet-specific services like “Time-of-Use” rate tracking for optimum electric vehicle charging, custom GPS location services like OnStar that allow the fleet manager to help locate nearby EVSE in the community, and more.

The Southern Nevada Fleet Association is a special interest group of the Las Vegas Regional Clean Cities Coalition that meets bi-monthly to talk about best fleet practices within the region and compare fleet maintenance problems:


By pooling their knowledge and resources, these meetings help fleet managers get the most out of their budget.

For more information about electric vehicles and EVSE pertaining to fleet managers, visit the NEVA Wiki site and resource center at: