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: Solar Powered EVSE Showcased During NASCAR Kobalt 400 in Las Vegas

Solar Powered EVSE Showcased During NASCAR Kobalt 400 in Las Vegas

08 Mar

When the Las Vegas Motor Speedway hosted the NASCAR Kobalt 400 race during March 4 – 6th, the organization also partnered with DC Solar to feature solar-powered EV charging stations, by reserving VIP parking spots for 12 plug-in electric cars on NASCAR weekend.


NEVA coordinated with the Las Vegas Electric Vehicle Association and Las Vegas Tesla Owners group in the Las Vegas Valley to provide access to this event for members with plug-in electric cars. The goal was to showcase to NASCAR spectators how easy it was to charge electric cars on sunlight.

NASCAR DC Solar Station 4

Electric cars that visited the solar-powered EV charging site over the three-day event included half a dozen Tesla Motors Models S, Tesla Motors Roadster, and a 1965 Mustang Fastback that had been converted by Larry Gareffa to run on electric power.

NASCAR DC Solar Station 1

EV drivers were given all-access passes to all three days of NASCAR weekend in Las Vegas, including the Neon Garage.

The DC Solar portable charging stations each featured solar panel arrays and an inverter that could provide 120 Volts AC at 200 Amps. The output power was stepped up to 240 VAC with a battery storage backup system that could provide enough electricity to a dual-port ChargePoint CT4023 station, in order to recharge electric cars at an AC Level 2 rate of 3.3 kiloWatts while parked.

NASCAR DC Solar Station 5

DC Solar also sponsored the #42 Chevrolet Camaro race car during Saturday’s warm-up Xfinity-series race, the Boyd Gaming 300. The #42 Camaro was powered by gasoline instead of electricity, but driver Brennan Poole finished ninth out of a field of 40 drivers on March 6th.

EV drivers look forward to the day when electric cars will be joining the NASCAR circuit on the racetrack, as well as in the parking area.

Blog posted by Stan Hanel, NEVA Outreach Coordinator

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