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: Starman Rides Tesla Roadster Electric Car to Mars

Starman Rides Tesla Roadster Electric Car to Mars

07 Feb

SpaceX made aerospace history on February 6, 2018 by launching its first Falcon Heavy rocket into outer space while retrieving two of the booster rockets as they simultaneously landed under their own power near the original launch pad at Cape Kennedy.


The payload for the launch was a cherry-red Tesla Roadster, owned by SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk, The two-seat electric sportscar was accompanied on its space flight by a mannequin named Starman, who was positioned in the car’s driver seat while wearing a SpaceX crew flight suit.

Starman mannequin rides Tesla Roadster to Mars.

Three cameras were positioned around the Roadster convertible with its “top down”, on the hood of the vehicle looking back towards the driver’s seat, within the driver’s cockpit looking out through the windshield, and on a mount outside the left door looking in and over the Starman mannequin.

Starman and the Tesla Roadster orbited the earth for several cycles, before pointing the payload towards Mars and igniting the final upper stage rocket engine to send them on their way.

Streaming video of the earth orbit from all three camera views looking back at earth, were recorded by SpaceX during that time of planetary orbit:

The future is electric and rocket-powered!

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