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: Tesla Las Vegas Service Center Expands but Corporation Lays Off 3,600 Employees during June 2018.

Tesla Las Vegas Service Center Expands but Corporation Lays Off 3,600 Employees during June 2018.

16 May

The Tesla Service Center in Las Vegas has moved from its original Badura Road location to a new, expanded facility at 7077 West Sahara Avenue, within the heart of the city’s auto row.

New Tesla service center in Las Vegas relocated to 7077 West Sahara Avenue.

The new 26,000 square-foot building is twice as large as the company’s original retail store in Las Vegas.

Service entrance ramps at new Tesla customer facility at 7077 West Sahara Blvd in Las Vegas.

The new facility has more exhibit space and seven service bays that provide a larger service area than the previous location.

Six Tesla High-Power charging stations are available for refueling by Tesla owners at the service center.

Six Tesla High-Power charging stations are available in the outside parking lot for Tesla customers, as well as lots of additional parking spaces for staging vehicles and showcasing Model S, X and Model 3 vehicles for sale.

Tesla Model 3 (left) awaits delivery next to Tesla Model S at Las Vegas service center on 7077 West Sahara Blvd.

According to Tesla statements during a previous earnings call after the first quarter of 2018, there are still about 400,000 Model 3 vehicles that have been pre-ordered by customers online who have placed a $1000 deposit to reserve their place in line.

A local sales representative at the Tesla store stated that there is at least a 12-month wait from the time of placing an order for a new Model 3 sedan online until actual factory construction and delivery, now anticipated sometime during July to December 2019.

The company has been able to ramp up production during the first six months of this year, achieving 5,000 Model 3 vehicles during the last week of June 2018, as well as 2,000 Model S and Model X vehicles.

Also during June, Tesla, Inc, announced layoffs of 3,600 salaried positions from its total of approximately 40,000 employees across all its divisions. This was about 9 percent of the workforce.

Tesla Chairman and CEO Elon Musk stated that the downsizing and consolidation of departments since the acquisition of SolarCity during 2017, was necessary in order to regain a position of profitability from its ongoing operations:


Production personnel for the Tesla Motors division were not affected, according to the Chairman and CEO, in order to continue to meet weekly target production goals.

The Tesla Gigafactory in Storey County, Nevada at the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Park (east of Sparks), employs about 2,417 people, where 1,636 are direct Tesla employees, according to a state audit in September 2017.

Tesla has projected that it will hire up to 6,500 employees for the Gigafactory by 2024. Tesla and Panasonic have invested over $3.27 billion to construct and operate the plant.

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